Monday, January 29, 2007

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When we come to improving our golf swing we want to be sure we are getting the basics of our golf swing right. What we want to do then is begin by ensuring we are assisting our body in getting the action right. Many of us golfers, when performing our golf swing (you can also read back swing here), let our left knee go down on the back swing. The outcome of this is that our shoulder will drop causing our hips to sway and overturn. Don’t allow the knee to move. Maintain a steady stance. To have a good golf swing you need to maintain that stability, tension if you like, in both your legs. Some people have suggested holding some kind of ball between your knees, I don’t think that is going to be very practical on the course. See how using your imagination for this works, you could be surprised how effective it is.

One common fault in beginners and with their golf swing is that they carry out the swing to fast. A key to eliminating this problem with your golf swing is to relax. If you find that you are rushing things try and slow it down a bit. Contrary to what you may think rushing it does not make the down swing any faster and in fact may have the opposite effect. Maintain a steady action for best results. One key to get a steady action in your golf swing is to pause for a brief moment at the top of your golf swing. This will allow you body to relax and compose itself for the coming down swing.

Your golf swing is going to be great if it is the sum of correctly performed parts. We have looked at stance, posture and action. Another key part to get right, especially at the beginning, is your grip. Are you able to hold a club right now? Try this. When you have the club at waist height, grip the club with your left hand and your right hand in the “hitchhiker position (NB: the palm of your hand should neither be facing up no down), you should see you thumb point up. If you don’t get the grip together in the beginning you are not likely to improve you gold swing at all.

To conclude our short list of golf swing tips today, I am going to end with an exercise you can do that will help establish some of the fundamentals we’ve talked about here.
To improve your golf swing and to be consistently hitting the ball well you need a steady tempo and be able to keep good balance. These foundational elements are necessary to improve your golf swing. And to reinforce these fundamentals you can practice. Try this. With your feet close together, about 15cm, hit some shots. This is going to make you keep better rhythm, balance and speed and will result in improvement when you return to your normal golf swing stance.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

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Welcome to my golf swing blog. Here you will learn about how to improve your golf swing, how to get rid of that slice from your golf swing and how to get your golf swing on to the level of the pros.